• kingpellz 5w

    Earth, the Dying Forest

    Humans brought modernisation,
    Modernisation brought urbanisation,
    Urbanisation brought deforestation,
    Then I was born.

    In the heart of a dying forest,
    I learned to live to the fullest,
    But something was wrong with this forest,
    It was dying.

    I used to wake up to the beautiful landscape,
    But now I wake up to nature's rape,
    Humans have deflowered the earth which leaves me in gape,
    What has my home turned to.

    I wake up to the sounds of bulldozers,
    Laying wreck to my village and waking the dozers,
    I saw them flee, move in packs like lovers,
    I didn't fly away, this is my home I said.

    They go on vacations like its a duty,
    In search of nature's beauty,
    Places carpeted with nature's love, pure beauty
    But why then did they deflower nature.

    They could have had it for free,
    Now to get to this places they have to pay a fee,
    I also heard stories of men coming to our homes to pee,
    Were they born to lay ruin to our home?

    They have destroyed nature,
    Now they try to recreate nature,
    They make grass carpets, custom flowers, to seem like nature,
    They try to recreate nature's beauty.

    Till I find another home,
    A place carpeted with nature's beauty,
    Built on love, and filled with hope,
    My home, the forest is dead.