• khushbo0 22w


    More than just circadian rhythms,
    this sleeplessness,
    rather has something to do with my
    incessant scuffle to be in reality,
    Its not I want to escape, but,
    for a while,
    I should have my share of slumber
    to wake up the cryptic theist,
    That may want to turn the world
    into a livable corner,
    For me, at least .

    More than just carrying the Sheaf
    of my ratiocination,
    This perennial roof of clumsiness
    Rather has something to do with my
    will to be liberated.
    Its not I think of it constantly, but,
    For a while,
    I should not be what I portray,
    Feeding some audacity to the
    dormant beast,
    Unleashing the unreasonable
    For me, at least.