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    As much as she wanted to live her hearts desire, the much she was forced to flung it across the window of the highest tower.
    But isn't that how love is?
    It comes to you when you least fathom it's being, it materializes into crystals of happiness from nothing,
    it's the gold and yellow sparks darting from the shiniest jewels in the dark.
    It's the sacred feeling which thumps across your rib cage leaving lesser and lesser room for your heart.
    It's everything that you desired under the moonlight which would vanish when the sun came back up.
    Love is everything that can't be obtained or achieved. It's everything that will tear your soul in a trillion pieces showering it like confetti over a dead mans funeral. 🖤

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    She was meant for
    the King of Hearts
    she was in love with
    the Joker.

    - mariyam firoz