• thetorturedstories 6w

    Before ending a relationship :

    Ask yourself if you are sure about it? Most of the time we don't have any surety. Go back to those things where you think things started scattering and work on it. It may be tough but once it starts to heal this can be the best thing for both of you.

    No one is perfect. We commit mistakes but surviving and finding reasons to stay together even after those mistakes is the process of making any relationship more beautiful.

    If you both genuinely know that you are somewhere incomplete without each other even after achieving everything in your life then why not achieve everything by being there for each other. You will be happy and do every damn thing effortlessly.

    In the heat of the moment, we take some decisions which we regret later. Life is a long run, one should be patient about everything. We can't make everything happening and in our favor in just one or two days.

    You both know that you are 'real you're only in front of each other then why to think about ending every hope. If some little or big efforts can make everything better and beautiful then why let yourself suffer? Don't give up, please... Do not let one more love story to die.