• sha_ra_el 10w


    Is he a diversion of someone with mental illness?
    Is all this superhero stuff in his head?
    Parents were killed before him
    His loses his mind
    His batcave, his room
    His wheelchair, his batmobile
    His butler, his nurse that pushes him around in a wheelchair
    Harley Quinn, his psychologist
    The Joker, his split personality that's attractive to Harley Quinn
    His dog, his teddy bear he had when his parents were killed
    Scarecrow, a doctor that give him meds that makes him hallucinate and sleep
    Bane, when he DOESN'T take his meds he feels invincible
    Poison ivy, a nurse that gives him his meals throughout the day, in which he thinks she puts poison in it cause it tastes so horrible
    Robin and batgirl, two kids that do voluntary work at the nursing home that always spend time with him
    Catwoman, another mental patient that he adores
    Batman costume, really his pjs with bat prints
    Feels like Batman when he wakes up everyday
    Superman and Wonder woman are just two incredibly strong mental patients that fight with the nursing staff
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