• aaditya_uzumaki 5w


    A starry night,
    Moon shining bright.

    A fight for keeping it right.
    A struggle with body to work with all the might,
    Justice sleeping, a body awake all night.

    Faces red not by blush but by sheer pressure and anger.
    May be something is lurking in dark, fighting something stranger.

    Pull the badges that they carry.
    Honour reflected out of a few faces, then there were ones who'd dilly dally.
    Different shades of same crimson in a rally.

    One red as as the boiling blood, pulling it all!
    One pale, a single gloomy stall.

    Strength and training alike,
    Character and will differs and also the duration of respite.

    What makes a hero is it a fight?
    Or a will to make something right?