• lifeinhell 30w

    A Family Of Devil's Part Seven

    Now on a Saturday night of June 15th 1986.

    I had gotten into a fight with. My evil mother because. Of something that had happened well. My evil mother and uncle lazy Dave. Were out playing bingo. So now. This is what happened. I had told my grandfather's. So, called second wife Connie. The hollow Easter bunny. To move away from the refrigerator door beacuse. She was drunk and kept blocking. The refrigerator door. I had asked her very nicely. To please move. So what way. I could get something to eat. She said to me. No Jim you can't. Now my grandfather. Who's also known as lecture-man. Or anyone else in. My family of devil's. Wasn't doing or saying anything. About her doing this at all. A specially. My grandfather lecture-man. Who was just sitting there. On his fat ass. Not saying anything. To her at all. So that's when. I had gotten mad and yelled at her. I had said to her. Connie move right now. I'm getting dam pissed off. Now that. Made her move because. She knew that. I was really pissed off now. So then. I went down into the basement. Just so that. I could be left the fuck alone. Now about five minutes later. I had heard. My grandfather lecture-man and his. So called wife Connie. The hollow Easter bunny. Walk out the door. So then. I came back upstairs. The only one there was. My drunken grandmother. So now. About an hour later. My evil mother and uncle lazy Dave. Had gotten back home from playing bingo. So, my evil mother. Had said to my drunken grandmother. Mom ware's Dad and Connie. So now. My drunken grandmother said. They left and went home. So then. My evil mother said why. What the fuck happened we'll. We were at bingo. So now. I said. To my evil mother. Connie hollow Easter bunny. Was drunk and she. Kept blocking the refrigerator door. She wouldn't let me get something to eat. I had asked her. Very nicely to please move. But when she wouldn't. I had no other choice. But to tell her. Connie move right now because. I'm getting really pissed off. Now that's when. My evil mother. Had said to me. Jim that was wrong. For you to say. That's to her. Then that's when. I had said. To my evil mother. No, it wasn't. So then. I said. To my evil mother. Connie was the one that. Was fucking drunk not me. So then. My evil mother. Had said to me. But Jim. That's not the point. What you had said. To her was wrong. You're going to apologize. To her and say. That you're sorry. For saying that to her. So now. I Had said. To my evil mother. What are you fucking nuts? I'm not going to do that. But she did. My evil mother. Had forced me to do something that. I didn't want to do. She had made it out. To be as if. This whole fucking thing. Was my fucking flat like. I was the one that. Had gotten her drunk. Now none of this wouldn't. Have even fucking happened if. My drunken grandmother. Hadn't been given Connie. The hollow Easter bunny. Any fucking beer to being with.