• silencedsoul06 9w

    Letting Go

    In the end, most of the life is all about letting go!
    But what hurts the most is that you don't get a chance to bid adieu!

    When you love someone so much and still you gotta let go, for one last time,
    you wish to hold her in your arms to feel the warmth that lets you both live the days ahead!
    you wish to kiss her on her forehead to emphasize that you will need her to take care of herself!
    you wish to drink those tears rolling down the cheeks to let her know whatever the situation maybe, you would be behind her whenever she needs you!
    you wish to look right into her eyes and tell her that you will love her till you breathe last, no matter what!

    But Alas! People misunderstand the meaning of letting go! -
    Letting go is not throwing away but placing it right where it has to be!