• tammana_writes 50w

    New year; New Promises

    While everyone is making new year's resolution,I'm smirking at myself standing infront of mirror.Successfully wasted my whole year pleasing everyone, underestimating myself, and repenting on past which i couldn't even change and it'll going to happen this year too I know But I thought to handle that a little bit differently..So this year is going to be mine :) I'll be audacious, making everyday surpassing by making myself better.I'm ready to strive more gallantly with my memories,experiences and all the lessons learnt succinctly that I can't help with (: But they are part of my life and I'll be more intrepid,patient and calm from within. I'll cope with every situation more positively and with all my heart.It is never supposed to change any situation or to stop it from happening, we can't, its all about how to be strong enough to face those problems and situations It is life and it's going to surprise you anytime. I promise to stay determined than I have ever been