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    good gone bad

    After two hours of talking about what I did we came to an agreement. Since this is my first outburst she'll let me go with a harsh writing. She wants me to do 3 weeks of Saturday school and write an apology letter. I agreed to these terms and left, walking to class I couldn't help but burst out laughing at how easy I got a way with that. Mid laugh I stopped and said “this is your doing not mine” the voice did not respond I walked in silence the rest of the way. When I enter class everyone looks at me with this nervis look, I paid them no mind and sat right down.
    After school I tried to make the voice speak again but no matter what I did he would not speak, after hours I said screw it and and went to get some dinner. As I went to set down my mom said “go to your room and take off your shoes I don't want mud in the dining room” tired and feeling defeated, I went to my room and started to take off my shoes, when I started to unlace my shoes the voice said “WAIT!”. Startled by this I said “who is this and are you real?”
    “I'm as real as you want me to be” the voice replied, knowing now that i'm not crazy I said to him.
    “What do you want with me and where did you come from?”
    “I don't want anything from you all I wanted is to watch and play a little, and for where I come from just look down.” I look down to see my shoelaces tied up again. “So you are the voice my grandfather heard during the war, that means you are the shoes aren't you?”
    “Yes I am, so now you know who I am I will offer you an agreement”
    “What kind or “agreement” are you talking about?”
    “ I offer you this, you let me in your mind and watch what you do and how you act to things and I will give you some of my power.” If I do say yes to his deal what will become of me but he did say he will give me some power, thinking more and more about his deal the more and more I wanted to say no but I felt this constant urge to say yes it's almost like something is nawing at your conshis.
    “If you are wondering what kind of power I have to give I can help you with physical and mental strength, you will be able to see through lies and convinces people to do what you want as far as the physical part you will run longer lift ten times your weight, if you want an example of what I can do, I'll show you, when you take me off you will go back to the dining room and your mom will say we're having steak and green beans with this I’ll let you think it over the deal last until 12 o'clock noon tomorrow.” Feeling confused of what he said and I took off the shoes and went to the dining room, It was right then when I knew he was telling the truth for my mom said “we are having steak and green beans”. Hearing this I immediately feel like I was going to throw up, with cold sweats and shaky knees I said to my mom “I'm Not hungry tonight so I'm just going to go to bed.” Seeing how bad I looked my mom nodded in approval for me to go to bed.

    As I lay there thinking of his prediction and what he said my mom would say made me sick, that night I head the worst nightmare I had just killed a family of three the mom the dad and their six year old daughter, covered in their blood I started to smile that smile turned into a loud and deep laughing. What I saw in that dream was not me it was a demon hiding in my body.

    As I awoke I had chills and my heart was pumping out of my chest, it's only a dream I said to myself over and over for what seems like an hour but was only like ten seconds. A sharp yet deep voice said “or Is it“ knowing it was the voice I ignored him. Getting ready I heard him laughing his deep dark laugh, ignored and pissed by this I said “what's so funny” he did not reply. Today what saturday that's the day I go out and do airins for my mom like walking the dog and get groceries and stuff like that. it's now 11:50 am and he has not said a word to me he's just been chuckling to himself the whole day. I'm almost done with the airins when I see a bad face it's Escare and ten of his wanna be thugs come out from the corner and start to surround me. 11:57am “what do you guys want” I said in a pissed mode.
    “We just want a little payback for our friend so you want to throw down” said one of the wanna bes. My blood was boiling and my heart was beating out of control I'm not sure how long I can hold back. 11:59 the vice is now talking again “ now is the time for your answer, you know you need my help ten vs one you don't got a chance, YOU NEED ME SO SAY YES AND LET ME IN!” As I said yes I can feel my body changing, the power is so intense it's overwhelming.

    I drop to the ground feeling my heart slow down to a sudden stop, as I'm about to die the voice yelled at me “ NO TIME FOR DYING” as he said this I felt one of the guys kick me in the chest and my heart went from dead to beating like a race car engine. As I was getting back to my feet another guy from be hide kicked me to the ground, at this point I knew I wasn't In control because I leaped back up and charged the guy who kicked me down. I jumped on him and started to beat the living hell out of kid, his so called “friends” just stood there in shock. The kid who kicked my in the chest got my off the guy but now my focus is on him. Since he kicked me in the chest I thought I might do the same. The guy started to run I yelled at the guy “ THERE'S NO ESCAPE”. As I caught the guy I throw him to the ground, I stopped on his chest over and over the sound of bones cracking makes me more excited, this once innocent boy had died and in his place is a demon who wants blood. The other guys saw this and took off, the guy on the ground look like roadkill with his torso caved in. I blacked out after that, I awake in an abandoned house, it's dark and cold, I have no Idea where I was at. As I regain composure I see a horrifying scene before me, bodies of people I don't know lay around me, a large pool of crimson surrounds me. I would be sick to my stomach but i'm not instead i'm laughing like a madman. The voice laughing with me and sounding a bit like me, he shows me beautiful visions of what I did, I broke into a house and killed the whole family and interrupted a wedding with a machine gun. All I know now is I am and always will be a killer to the very dark core. FIN