• cicily 5w

    Words form ur sis

    Your' my 1st best friend,
    Made up with a endless bond.
    From your day one,
    Life was filled with a tonnes of fun.

    My love for you is unconditional,
    The days without you are irrational.
    I miss all your cheap irritateing tricks,
    With a mixture of memories.

    Every moment spent with you,
    The spice fights, I helping hands, and a tonnes of care,
    Are never lively without you,
    And would never build memories in air.

    Blessed to have a brother like you,
    To have funs and fights like all.
    And a person to share and care,
    Without you life would be a hell.

    Keep these words for years,
    During all your worries and bothers,
    Never do forget this sister,
    And have a blessed born day my brother..
    ..By Sis, 4 bro..