• chiragmalik 10w

    Sit calm one day and think that nothing is called 'Original'.You cannot really figure out the orginality in the universe. Everything in this world has been so much exploded out from the starting of the universe.The only thoughts,poems,write ups, novels,most of day to day activities,the motivation you get from others or from within is atleast 70-80% has been already said,done and may be influenced by others.It is the copy-paste then the copy-paste and another copy-paste.A great bowler bowling the same or different line length may be influenced by others practically (Not the legend who he thinks he is a Idol).And the batsmen does the same.

    My only point is we should stop blaming ourself or complaining to others that you are not original.Because that 5 percent to figure out the originality in others is very difficult in universe when there is so much said done and exploded out.So if you think you have found one someone original then be ready for the fact that most of his or her facts, thoughts, his sayings (good or bad) are the ones that you will think you already know and you would love to listen.So I am just marking a thin line between 'Orginality' and 'Authenticity'.

    Your Authenticty is :-The things,thoughts,your beliefs and the real you have in you.If you accept all that you have which is likely to be influenced by others will make you 'Real' and 'Authentic'.