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    I sat there, on the dusty, smudged bench. The crowded compound seemed dead, and the sophisticated, antiquated house in front, seemed deserted that evening.The neatly curved bushes, the elegantly cut grass, the green leafy trees, the white benches, all seemed deserted today.

    The place filled with people moving around was dead and wordless that evening. The winter has perched and the few people who still used to come here, avoided this place during winters. The foliage around here has started to wither. The pearl white benches, are now covered with dust and crumpled leaves.

    It's been years, that I haven't revisited this place. Maybe it has been a decade, that I didn't exhibit any enthusiasm to come to this compound where my childhood memoirs have been stored. It's my last day here in this city, and today at last I manifested to revisit this place to relive those alluring moments again.

    My juvenescence memoirs again started echoing in my mind. The plain grass where I used to stumble and fall while placing my little toes on them, still had the same vibes. The swings still prevailed there, where my toes tried to touch the ground while swaying. I gaped at the bench where I was sitted, a similar bench was also there during my childhood, maybe it's still the same one where I used to sit and scribble my infantile drawings on a crumpled piece of paper with my crayons.

    Now, the azure childish imaginations and my crayons with the drawing book got replaced by a dun pen, a vibrant viridescent diary and some bliss memoirs of my childhood, which I left long back in a vague lobby of my past. I got so bustled up in my adolescent life that I never made any attempts to look back at the aesthetic times of my juvenile days.

    I kept on gaping at every single thing that once held ecstasy. I sat there maybe the whole noon, scribbling some azure poems and memories.

    The twilight transpired, I took my diary, the pen, my childhood, everything I had with me. I gave a gaze to the place, and ambled towards the road with a demented smile maybe of my regret or rather because of my refreshed memories..........

    I changed, the city changed, the people grew but the memories of this place faded. And at last the place once filled with so much of ecstasy faded from the hearts of everybody......

    Lame one... I know... ����

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    The stars gleamed,
    But the childhood dimmed,
    In the lobby of past.