• little_cherian 20w

    MuKuTi MaAsHe
    (teacher with a nose pin)
    Chap 2 :

    I frozed...
    Red turn green
    The only thing that came in my mind was ' Go fast'
    I expected she would read my mind because my tongue refused to speak and when comes to driving Sarah never listens, what she feels she'll do.
    I covered my head with her hair( long hair good place to hide : which is absolutely foolish,I know but there was nothing I could).I'm pretty sure everyone including him had a good time for the stupidest thing I did and Sarah never reacted at all ( I have been with her for 2 years and it's clearly evident that she is done with my stupidity or tired of advising me).Atlast she overtook the bus and we reached home
    Me : Water water water...
    Sar : (in a casual tone) ok( see I told you she gave up on me)
    She lends me water and enquires what had happened
    Sar : so is it a guy?
    Me : I nodded (yes)
    Sar : your neighbour?
    Me : I nodded( no) [ same action but she'll figure out
    Sar : any junior?
    Me : I nodded ( Nooo)
    Sar : so it's your long last crush
    Me : I just stared at her...for like 5 mins
    Sar : you saw him in the bus?
    Me : Mmmm
    Sar : it's been 5 years da you need to talk..
    Me : Me? Talking... That to my crush..never
    Sar : ok im going back have fun
    Me : diiii pogalle...(don't go)
    Sar : just because he taught you in college doesn't mean you shouldn't speak ....
    Me : Ya ya why not... Easy for you.
    Sar : I don't find anything wrong about it...
    Me : ohh that's because you don't know the whole story
    Sar : Ahaa enna para (ohhh so tell me)
    Me : ( deep breathe) ok... Me n my two friends from same college had this huge crush on him. He was our English teacher, even today people are crazy to know more about him and and dude... He is really hot and not just the looks the way he speaks,his voice,his thoughts I mean he is mind blowing.
    Sar : okkkayyy he sounds genuine so what makes you stop from not speaking to him
    Me: firstly I'm scared secondly he caught us stocking him.
    Sar : What?? (she beings to laugh!!!)
    Me : I was waiting
    Still waiting
    Still waiting ( she dint stop)
    I stared at her and then she stopped
    Sar : ok ok I'm sorry tell me how did that happen?
    Me : I, Naina and Saira were sitting on the steps and commenting on each photo in insta and he was coming from behind and he just stood right behind us, just looking at our productivity.
    He coughed and.... We all casually turned
    All of us stood right there now moving a muscle. He gave a look and then slightly smiled.
    All the 3 of us still dint move and he walked off to his class. The 3 or us just stood there for like 15 mins and all of sudeen we three yelled and screamed....
    Sar : Mann!!! That's the best thing I ever heard... And what is his name
    Me : Trishul, Trishul Varma
    Sar : oooo 'The one who protects'
    Me : yah yah...
    Sarah immediately takes out her phone and stocks
    Me : I thud my head on the table (ouchhhh it hurts...nevrr mind I really can't think anything anymore)
    To be continued....