• jmorii 6w

    Flow State

    I'm scared.. nervous.. everyone is watching and what if I ...


    I sneak on to the stage of life like no one will see me
    I peek in my heart hoping you'll all feel me

    Eyes closed I begin to move
    As I proceed my soul is freed, spilling on the floor coming from a higher power
    Effortless and beautiful
    Like the magic of a blooming flower

    For an endless moment in time
    My mind is still 
    the power of this earth dances with you in syncronystic unity
    Like the last 3 billion years of life has amounted to a perfect opportunity

    To let go of your fears
    And it may bring tears as your feet lift from the earth and the limits this world has built for your mind comes crashing down in minutes

    I am in flow and It is here where I will grow.