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    \\\\\\\LOVE : A PRODUCT®//////////////////////////

    The one who induces love in you is surely one of the most beautiful person you can ever find.
    Love isn't just a phase in life  which you can fall into and come out of it.
    Love itself is a journey.
    Love is a part of your personality actually, just like any other character in you.
    It is needed to be brought out of you.
    Either by yourself or by someone else.

    Modernisation has changed this definition for worse.
    Sorry for being harsh but that's what I feel.
    Love has now become like a product sold in a super market.
    People try different brands naming it as Mad love, classy love, loving like animals, love for benefit and what not.
    But that's not the TRUE LOVE.
    True love is either none of the above
    (on the contrary) all of them.

    Nowdays you can access (just a glimpse) of this feeling within one click.
    People are trying others for a particular period of time and then moving onto the next one as if they're switching onto another brand as the previous one wasn't that good.
    Even if you compare love to a product (which I would never prefer) a person should be brand loyal.
    Hard to do isn't it.
    Because you never have fallen love I guess.
    I am living in a totally wrong era where the meanings have changed.
    People have changed.
    Love itself has changed.
    Because the place from where where I came, love is when you can't think beyond someone...
    Somehow I can relate to the line of this song
    "Meri har hoshiyari bas tum tak..."
    You trust your partner to an extent that you can't think beyond them.
    You can't reason everything you do for them.
    You make adjustments.
    You alter your personality.
    You stop lying to them.
    You see yourself in them.

    I guess some writers too have twisted this definition saying
    "Tumhe yaad karunga fursat ke lamho me"
    Why so?
    For me, when I love someone, I think about them the whole damn day.
    Not just in my leisure time!
    The time when I do my job, I consider that as my leisure time rather.
    I have been trying to figure out the way to talk some sense in the modern kids.
    But alas they're not ready to listen.
    That's why you'll see so many broken people nowdays.
    So many broken hearts.
    Mirakee itself is a safe house for them isn't it.
    You, the reader, you know it and I definitely know that.
    So many failed marriages, relationships.
    Where are they going wrongs??
    Well, it's better if they find out themselves.
    As I am already tried convincing them
    Love is not like electromagnetic induction.
    You can't induce it in someone.
    Love happens when two souls are ready to blend in one another.
    Sometimes when even one soul is ready to give itself up to the other.


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