• finnisam 6w

    Belief In

    Maintain the ignorance. Forget the questions.
    Think upon the words and dig deeper,
    See the truth of the brother and his keeper
    And yet only see your first impressions.

    Trap the contradictions, reconcile them with the mind,
    Believe until you believe everything you can.
    Look for opposition, every argument you can find
    Then seek to justify with the corrupted nature of man.

    Defend your side. Kill the others.
    The rules, abide. Love your brothers.
    Trust in the book, or the invisible deity,
    For sight is unseeing.
    Eventually we cling to the comfort in necessity,
    Denying our very being.

    Maintaining ignorance and loving truth.
    So dies the man in perpetual youth.
    Naïveté is a virtue. Innocence is pure.
    Neither is true. Experience is a bore.