• ambivertquki 10w

    The way you are capable
    and the way you lived
    you couldn't aspire
    and the accordance
    to impress others

    Everyone's has own thoughts, spirits, and much more but they aren't bound enough to live the way you want, till you do to make others happy, they are meant only to see their task accomplished and would ignore your struggling strength and much more. The day you stop caring for them and try to hold what you lost for yourself, they don't want to value it, they just want to see what others have and what you have not, and what aspects you have not, you'll be bullying throughout for this and you feel ignorance that create a rage or hopeless demands and you just focus only daydreaming to just escape for a little to admire the glimpse only instead of taking permanent steps to make dreams true, all is not easy, letting others believe you is not easy. The thing is only possible to keep trying to hold a moment in which you can try to feel alive and gives time yourself for the mental and spiritual growth

    ~Ambivert Quki