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    Eating for two

    She didn't have a youth.
    She didn't have a romance.
    She didn't have a job.
    She didn't even have the radiant plumpness of a "bloom where you are planted" housewife.
    That is why I had decided...
    I will take from life.
    For me, & for her.
    & reap.
    Extract the very juice of life. For two.
    For me, & not for a baby I carry, but for the woman who carried me.
    That is why I cannot be
    Everyone told me
    That 'disturbed', 'anxiety', 'no purpose in life' are things I am telling myself.
    I was still not able to pick myself up.
    But if it reflects on my upbringing, then
    Not picking myself up is no longer an option.
    I LIVE for two.