• herbaddict 5w

    Written almost after a year ..:)

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    Its time to part ways :)

    Dont you want to bring back those days
    Where every second you spend with me
    Used to be your best life moments ..
    Just the way you used to say it is .

    Its been months and months and months
    You dont stare deep into my eyes ..
    Theres just me staring at you ..
    Seems like you love to see the whole world but me
    I wonder if your eyes actually talked back then to mine
    Or was it just my idiotic head having conversations with you
    And you never even realised ..

    I ask sometimes to myself
    How desperate i behave to be with him
    To let him inflict pain upon me
    Coz that is what i desire ..
    That is what “I” desire ..
    I dont see you inflicting pain willingly
    You do it coz i want it ..

    Theres an aching beat in the heart when i think of these
    .. seems like youve lost interest in me
    No its fine .. totally fine ... after all its me who made you lose interest in me
    Youre just staying coz youre addicted
    And even you aint ready to play it too cool ..

    Do you really wanted to be a part of my dark world ?
    Or did you think that its just a kiddish future plans that im making
    With you ?
    I was serious and i meant everything when i said
    I would like myself to submit to u ..

    I wont ask you for anything now ,
    For ive realized ive taken things beyond ..
    Ill settle things down ,
    I cant sound that heart of yours again like it used to
    So ill leave my way slowly parting yours ..

    I dont want you to suffer in my dark world ..
    Im fine with you not loving me
    I dont even expect anyone to accept me the way i am
    But you did and you gave me the best of my memories
    I dont expect anything more from u
    Just part ways slowly and get a good life ahead with your to be wife ..
    Atleast your life will be simple n normal just the way you want :)