• relic2301 5w

    It's funny how you act when you think you're in the majority, little does your pea brain know you're in the minority, I won't bother explaining to y'all the full story, but know she expects all the glory, you walk around with your head held so high, you can't even allow someone to die, you wouldn't allow for intimate moments, you had to pry, you wouldn't allow for special relationships you had to spy, who the hell are you to decide? I still wish you guys would have stopped and offered me a ride, I'll continue to hold that pain inside, may sound stupid to you but caused this kid to cry, it was way before hand I started asking why, but why's turned into sighs, and sighs turned into lies, and lies told lies it's no surprise, we'll never see eye to eye but that's because you're up there so high, you're the greatest and all that is best, I'm a solid piece of shit just like all of the rest, just keep your ass on that side of the fence when life again begins to test, I'm sick and tired of your drama and bullshit so give it a rest.