• the_dawn_ 11w

    They fell in love,
    The love so intense,
    On that no moon night however,
    His death was planned,
    She came in red,
    To paint his body red
    To stab his chest,and chop his head,
    She started the process,
    Tried to kiss and pulled him closer,
    He kissed her forehead, love so pure,
    He went so close,unaware of the crossover,
    He kissed her lips,he kissed her chin,
    He came down to neck,and there goes the sin,
    She moaned,she gasped,she whispered,she screamed,
    The game turned around,coz that night,
    It was not a hickey,but a vampire's bite,
    She was bit late,she was dead.
    The sooner the better, rightly said.