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    Brave(few say coward but i say brave) is the one who knew that they will not see the next minute after taking a decision to end their life in the middle.

    Decision may be of any reason - studies, career, love, or unsuccessful in what ever task taken.

    When some one fails, it is the responsibility of family members and friends to make them come out of such situation.

    Little care and concern towards what they are going through, showing confidence on them that they are going in a right way and change in our attitude towards them can make them change their decision of ending their life. Communication plays a major role in getting to know the facts.

    If we find a little change in behavior who are close to us its better to be with them and see that some positive changes occur in their life, as it is said prevention is better than cure.

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    Care, Concern, Communication, Confidence and Change (in attitude) may prevent some one to take a wrong decision of their life called SUICIDE