• sangfroid_soul 5w


    //I'll blatantly unloose the scars I sewed on your soul//
    I'll cause that havoc of the same intensity with which I provided you a Solace//
    I'll tear away all your walls of insecurities and plant saplings of nightmares//
    I'll be that heavy pour which spoils perfect picnics //
    I'll cause that destruction upon whose debris I'll walk barefoot//
    I'll cause that damage, darling, you won't be able to revive//
    I'll be that deafening silence that follows after the piercing crack of something invaluable//
    I'll cause that mess which you won't be able to pick yourself. //

    Never try to find new love just after you lose your precious love, in order to forget that lost love.

    Remember a person can never have two shadows.

    #random #temporary

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