• thedebonairsingh 10w

    Thoughts of ex with other men breeds anger in men

    The most painful thoughts for a man after a breakup is the thought of ur ex with other man
    It's the most painful part of the breakup when we see her going out having fun partying dancing with other men
    It's more a strike to a man's ego than anything else
    It infuriates and motivates a man to do irrational things like harming oneself harming her or getting addicted to some shit...
    But we have to stop doing this
    Simply we have to accept that she was never mine nor were we.. she isn't ur possession
    She can do whatever she feels like she can date multiple men have fun or anything she feels like..
    Dude don't react to this by forcing urself to date and sleep with other women just to get back to her or make her jealous..
    The major sign that we as men has accepted the breakup that she will love other man again and equally too we can love other women as well...