• onyinye_enenya 6w

    God calling

    She fell in love
    Her love was blind
    Blind felt so cool
    Blind made her foolish
    She was in pain
    Pain felt so good
    then she heard a voice
    Calling out her name...
    Love was calling!

    She made friends
    The wrong ones
    Wrong felt so right
    She no longer knew who she was
    She didn't know what she stood for
    She kept on saying to herself
    "You only live once"
    Then again, she heard a voice
    Calling out her name.....
    Truth was calling!

    Dreams dying
    Ambitions crushing
    Hopes fading
    Strength failing
    Again she heard a voice
    Calling out her name
    Light was calling!

    She looked around
    No one in sight
    The voice kept calling
    Calling out her name
    She looked up and saw a light
    God was calling!

    She answered,Yes Lord! Here I am
    I've been waiting for you, He said
    He assured her of his undying love towards her
    He restored her hope
    She discovered her identity
    Her path was lightened
    She never walked through life alone
    For he was always there to guide

    He's calling you
    Would you answer?