• acrystalgirl 9w

    Things can get pretty ugly
    when you're in love with
    the idea of being in love.
    Let me tell you the
    truth about the truth,
    it's the most alive lie, which
    can hurt you so deeply.

    I don't understand this,
    the way I'm letting my
    own feelings hurting me for
    the person who has gone
    from the story of an incomplete ending.

    Most of the days, I will wait
    for things to go wrong
    and hurt myself to wake me up
    from the delusion of
    living myself the way I want.

    I learned people never
    changed it's our experience
    which make our thoughts evolve,
    a person always stays the same.
    The person can be dead but
    the emotions of deep sadness
    leaves behind in the heart
    of others can't go.

    I am feeling lost,
    lost in this big world of isolation,
    and I don't know how to live there anymore.
    Loneliness can be dangerous,
    once you embrace that world
    you won't care to let anyone in.

    Our shallowness is covered,
    with a very thick layer of happy smile.
    I have this feeling,
    I don't know how to explain it,
    it's like a melody
    of a song which makes you feel good
    and scared at the same time.


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    The dying part is easy, what's hard,
    knowing the feeling of wanted
    to be dead and living with it.