• aantonsan 5w

    Beloved Woods

    The best part about the place where I live is the forest ahead.

    It's a beautiful forest, you could hear the sound of waterfall, the best part are the birds, all, you could see thousands of birds flying towards these woods, by the sundown they'll fly back to their nest, not a single bird ever gets left behind, because if any they don't come back, ever again.

    This beautiful forest gives us the perfect shade for the tea agriculture, most of the family in our colony are somehow connected to the tea agriculture.

    We have to walk a few kilometres to the nearby river, so one day I asked my grandmother why don't we use the waterfall inside the jungle, but she replied that no such waterfall exist, long ago the colony elders tried to find that waterfall out but they never found one.

    From our very childhood we were taught, never to go near the forest, the answer was always missing until recently when a company wanted to cut the forest and industrialize, they cut down few trees and put up their tents. Next day the forest was back on its full glory and all the workers were missing.

    The forest have now changed its appearance, the people living in here don't come out of their house by sundown, nor does they keep their windows open, because the forest was alive even then now it has glowing eyes, always on guard, so that no one can harm there habitat anymore.

    Even though they're not there by day but by sundown they'll appear again. Even though they never hurted us but those glowing eyes...