• tomorrow_is_amazing 5w

    Sarah was a brave young girl
    In the era of slavery in the world
    And there was nothing she had
    except a kind heart filled with love

    She worked hard on spreading love all day
    Only to end hatred, discrimination and pain
    She struggled when she would live her way
    And would be free of all chains

    One day, while spreading love with her lovely words her heart broke by harsh actions
    which were tough to withstand
    Later, with teary eyes, she asked God why was her world cursed with hatred and discrimination

    The following morn, with all might and courage
    she touched the world's stone heart and broke it
    into tears for she couldn't accept but save it
    And then she roamed unchained and free from
    all hate, discrimination and pain

    She was the girl whose actions shown
    that even hatred can be turned into
    love and affection


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