• prakriti_yadav 4w

    I saw you today
    You were lost in your thoughts
    Looking out of window of the moving train
    You were listening to a podcast.
    I wonder love songs still reminds you of me
    Or now have I taken place in the sad songs.
    Or worst I'm not in any one of them
    I'm not in your thoughts.
    You saw me too
    And our eyes met.
    Should I smile
    Should I wave
    God I stood there like a statue.
    You smiled a little bit.
    My lips reciprocated the same
    Thank god you remember me
    I stood there but my heart raced.
    The past was hovering infront my eyes
    We knew each other so well
    Now we were like almost strangers in a train.

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    We knew each other so well.
    Now we are just strangers
    In a train.