• snow_musings 15w

    Meet me there in the woods,
    A river flows adjacent to its damp extremes
    A sailboat is docked there with our initials carved on it.
    Wait up for me for a few.
    And if the winds don't carry my scent to you.
    Know that it has been shrouded by the demons of the forest.
    There's no point turning back to save me,
    As I'd be dead by now.
    But you my beloved,
    Sail that boat,
    Away from these lands.
    These lands reek of hate and of foes and turmoil.
    Sail away my love,
    Before they suck away the love we nourished.
    Protect the love that I died fighting for.
    And when you're afar,
    And you catch your breath,
    And you settle down
    And you find a home,
    Write to me on the leaflets that may float
    and reach the extremes of our hideous homeland.
    Write to me a great deal
    that your leaves crowd this hell
    And wage a war with the cold humanity of our homeland.
    Do write to me my beloved.
    I'll be waiting for my justice to dawn.
    I'll be waiting for our love to resonate.