• ashna_ahuja 10w

    His eyes say what his words can't..
    I've been a woman of poems and word,
    Always impressed by what I read or heard,
    But those who spoke in words were a haunt..

    I now read the language of eyes,
    They express clear truths and lies..
    The pain I see in his silence and by the wrinkles on his forehead..
    Or when he clenches his eyes so tight,
    not even tears can escape..

    I've seen him holding me,
    Every night, even though I'm away,
    In his imagination, in the pillow he keeps close to his chest and in every second of his,
    When he can't come up with new words to say,
    He manages to repeat the pre existing words,
    With an even better intensity..
    It assures me,
    That like his words don't change,
    His love won't either..

    And suddenly, me who believed in love with words,
    Is now battling myself with swords,
    To find the glorious acceptance of his love,
    Because, poetry would help savour the pain,
    But he? He'll savour me..
    And there's nothing better, as they say,
    Than a man who loves so unconditionally!

    He? He makes this distance look beautiful!