• jasmincher 22w

    Have your Way

    Take me higher
    set me on fire
    I wanna burn with your love
    and spread it like wildfire.

    Make me and mold me
    I am the clay
    I want to do what you say
    Because you are the potter
    And my sweet Heavenly Father

    Holy Spirit move in and through me
    I know that obedience is key
    I pray that the people will see
    That you wanna set them free
    Free from the devil and his minions
    Even the world's own opinions

    O lord Jesus Have your way
    Have your way
    Have your way with me every single day
    I want to hear what you have to say
    So that I will know what to pray

    Take me deeper into your realm
    Your presence is my peace and calm
    I want to sing unto you always with psalm
    My life is in your very palm

    Nothing pleases you more than my faith in you alone
    I humble myself and make atone
    You took my heart of stone
    And you gave me a new heart
    To give me a fresh new start

    I can't thank you enough my Lord
    Your very own words are my sword
    To protect me from the evil one
    You are Jesus Christ, the Son
    Son of the living God
    Who died and rose from the dead
    To give me the victory over sin and death!

    I will shout forever Hallelujah!
    Jesus is the Messiah!
    O Lord Jesus, have your way, have your way, have your way!