• armedwithwords 9w

    Dusk to Dawn

    I feel confused about : whether you care or you do not,
    I think it might have been wrong : tying our knot.
    From best friends and beautiful love birds,
    To unvoiced feelings and unspoken words.
    But, I do not know how could this be :
    From united "We" to only "Me".
    The sorrow and pain that I feel inside,
    Feels like an ocean full of high tide.
    From colourful rainbows and sunshine rays,
    To cloudy skies and rainy days.
    Our journey together was initially so touching,
    But now it seems so disheartening and iching.
    Maybe the words : "meant to be" were never for us,
    From "no fight" days to "unnecessary fuss".
    But being with you feels so right,
    Despite of the sadness, I feel alright.
    From joyful and truthful smiles,
    To heartbreaking lies and cries.
    Those wonderful moments seem so far away,
    In the lock of my heart those memories lay.
    But I know the key is only yours to find,
    To smile again and say "You're mine".
    Yet, here I am... hoping for a tomorrow much better,
    With you as my happiness and a love letter!
    Because I understand that -
    The brightest morning arrives after the darkest night;
    With each other's love, care and support,
    We will soon be alright.
    When you are with me, there is nothing that I lack.
    No matter what, I really love you to the moon and back!