• badderbitch209 10w

    Face value

    Who do I fall back on, whos really got me, seems like no one's around when Im in a situation all these niggas can't spot me. Always there to dust em off and pull them back to their feet, done felony favors for niggas whos lips be speaking on me. The Struggles the same but each has a different story, everyone's on some other shit and they all fold on me. Loyalty to the core what more can I ask, when I need a friend I shouldn't be alone like i am. Its getting cold and shoulders turn with each days pass, it's not if they'll burn you it's when they get the fucking chance. Can't rely upon no nigga to make sure I'm straight, I do it myself out here grinding everyday. Ill do it myself so nobody can hold it over my head I'd prefer to be strugglin than give someone the opportunity to say they are the reasons I'm breaking bread. We all start from thebottom but few make it to the top, remember when you get up eventually you'll drop. N be back at the bottom like when you just started out, but a lesson learned about what the struggles about.