• somil07 10w

    The Viral spiral

    Just when we were chalking our lives in delight,
    Those winds stormed inside the window panes like some ghostly might ,
    Erasing every bit of creation till now like a duster ,
    The dust flew all over the room ,as if it is the end of a chapter,
    The chalky smog so created took all our rainbows ,
    For the first time we started sculpting our lives inside those windows ,
    Some families came close ,some shattered,
    Some were left away from home , scattered,
    Those winds soon became viral ,
    Engulfing every moment of happiness in a deadly spiral,
    There were no longer a board nor there was chalk,
    Every day it were the viral winds that ruled every talk,
    For it was a destruction without any hail or rain ,
    When these window panes will open? ,is still uncertain .
    Locked down .................COVID-19 pandemic