• joseywhales78 6w

    goes from the beat i move real slow though even though people try to play me like a hoe

    but it ain't funny though you can laugh but it be slow the guns caught back yo i can pull fucking triggers bitch excuse my fucking friendship polaroo francie this is jimmy better quincy but i be running motherfucking shit not worried about this fucking guns and shit don't you understand that i run with a click we behave boys all up in this bitch is a fuck about that ass i got a brave heart and it fucking last kiss a fuck up out that mother fucking ass this is real talk nigga cock like blast don't let him fucking play you for a punk don't you understand we just pop the trunk get fucking tools out like it was mother fuckers working on construction what but we be sure that fucking that keep me talking about motherfucking ass get the fuck out your woman and your past don't you want to send i just come back and blast cuz i fucking put in fucking work here the fucking about your ass fucker show even though we know that size show ski skirt all up under yo all up in the fucking jones get the fuck because you weigh my fucking home this is real fucking shit get the fuck shit is a cigarette for you my homie shit you beat my fucking family don't even trip don't you want to send out get your ass whipped so mother fucking quickie be like bitch i hit your ass but i hate you too fuck this shit meet you bro mother fucking feelings trick what the fuck you going to say about this dick but i'm dirty i'm a skeezer i'm a punk bitch don't you know you lying out your lips bitch real fucking talk i'm a real g gives a fuck about your ass and your family this is how we fucking feel do you feel me no you don't because you don't understand me you just over here running your fucking mouth you what the fuck it is it really about i'll be like god damn you need more than clout mother fucker what the fuck back route don't you understand how we fucking move that's how we drive when the fuck is this punk ass bitch in a fucking trick you ain't worth shit fuck a dick that's how i feel nigga fuck this shit cuz you ain't sucking on my fucking what tip you ain't even getting this fucking i'm over here trying to get provolone and shit i need that fucking chat i need that fucking chatter i need to make this fucking money and any type of weather this is real fucking talk nigga fuck you ass don't you want to send we can just call back and blast haters on my body shake them off