• meghasharma 51w

    In this endless journey, there comes times when we are drowning deep inside. Then temporary escapes give relief for sometimes. But may be this temporary relief is a weed in itself and maybe when we drown completely in vast ocean of immense tears and grief, we gonna find ourselves!

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    Sailing in a wrecked boat,
    waves with a little buoyancy,
    I'm drowning under my own weight,
    but soon my rotted boat get entangled with some feed, giving a little hope,
    but alas, it is a temporary escape,
    instead of saving me, bit-by-bit, I get entangled in this weed,
    but how deep I can go?
    Is the bottom of this vast ocean, the beginning of something new
    or does caught up in this weed is the only relief from this immense grief ?