• seaofblue 6w

    Emergency, to all my
    friends and followers on

    First of all, I have this alternate user id, @seaofblue, and this is very temporary
    ( I think). I misplaced my phone, and do
    not have any of my log on info, password,
    etc., to get back into primary account,
    @seaofglee,so until I can figure out what to do about this problem, you will need to bear
    with me. I also have been very sick, and
    prone to stress and ( yes), tears! I am
    much better, and have thought about you
    all so much. I have also discovered that
    my stress levels are *happier* if I am not
    occupied/obsessed with posting each
    day. I regret most of all, missing mirakee
    challenges. I hope and pray all are safe
    and well! ❤️