• ujwalahawaladar 9w


    From what we expect from others,
    To what others expect from us,
    We all are prisoners
    in the cage of EXPECTATIONS.

    From a child expecting tiny toys,
    To parents expecting a little time from their young chid,
    This intense word EXPECTATIONS
    Has shown it's presence everywhere.

    From expecting acceptance from the society,
    To living up to the expectations of the society,
    Knowingly or unknowingly we are bound by an unseen agreement named
    "Log kya kahenge."

    From feeling worthy, when stood up to expectations,
    To feeling unworthy, when failed,
    This word EXPECTATIONS
    Has poped up every single time and has played a varied role everywhere.

    From saying "never expect anything"
    To Saying "we expected more"
    From buliding us up,
    To breaking us down,
    I don't know whether expectation is good or bad
    All I know is that, we all are prisoners
    Of this invisible prison of EXPECTATIONS.