• rudraa 35w

    Beauty of bonds

    Meeting people, thoughts all around
    Tryna exchange radiations, frequencies don't allow
    I want to sense your know-how
    I wish I were a neuron, so that I can roam in and around
    Virtually easy, hardens on realistic ground
    Let's leave every thought, and weave the relationship just like the Gulf of Alaska
    And understand that creating a bourn will not destroy the beauty of bonds
    Let me be the Baltic and you be the North Sea
    Let's mix into each other, yet carrying and showing our originality
    Let's stratify those innumerable contemplations and submerge into the intact densities of thoughts
    Let's vanish this misconception that we meet but don't amalgamate
    Yes, we do amalgamate but this time in a slightly different way
    I will hold your hand with the grip of goodness
    Let's become more pristine, by swapping good qualities
    And show the mirror to each other and rub the Rays of impurities
    This is a human race love, we have to run long
    And this interminable process of exchanging elements will only flourish the garden of fragnances that will last long.