• dying_rose 6w

    Why my heart beats.

    ~If I had to explain the reason why I find you pretty and sweet, then I would be explaining why my heart beats. What I found in you was once lost in me in a world so cold, I became a believer again in the fate of love, the sparkle in your eye when you're excited, the warm smile you show me when you're happy, that comforting hand when you help me when I'm down.

    You create some form of magic in my life, you filled my world with happiness, you took the darkness out of my heart and filled it with the light from your halo. Even when the dark times come, especially when life goes haywire and everything I'll always be your apollo waiting for your signal to come find you

    No mountain, no sea, nothing of this world could ever make me stop looking for you as this is not my world unless you're part of it. So if it's never too late to send out that signal even if it means the death of me I'll come for you, you're the light within my heart. ~