• amrusha_singh 10w


    Sky rain downs azure pelts,
    They found a home deep set in my soul.
    I have matches to light a burning fire,
    Sepia to gray breaths my heart respires.
    Wandering barefoot on the altar I see,
    Time-bound spectrums, a frolic spree;
    Purple blossoms on my hair adorned,
    Golden tears of disclosure I have mourned.
    Dizzy stars drunk on the elixir of life,
    Taught me true manifestating colours of love.
    Bit by bit the landscape forms;
    Bit by bit my soul reforms.
    Black is for telling me how to be;
    Green is for overpowering the heavenly reel;
    Red is for finally setting me free.
    Met her walking dejectedly down the brooks,
    Knew the entendre was now how it looked.
    Loved her by the night with moon-like calm,
    Next morning she holds up the sun in her palm.
    Blue has it's own phases,
    Pink has it's own ways.
    Mirrors do me a retro hair flip,
    Can witness half a smile on that vintage lip.