• shalini_shaw06 10w

    It's worth living for.

    Sometimes all you want is to be someone's best temporary when you already know that you can't be their permanent.

    Sometimes, even if it is not meant to be, you wanna risk yourself in loving that temporary and be ready for all the pain you may suffer when you leave.

    All I have learnt is that I cannot run away from pain. Pain is inevitable. It comes in one or other forms. It eventually heals.

    Why not risk all of it for having those memories with whom you would love to? Why not live with that person freely for atleast once before we become someone else's or we die?

    No matter how painful it will be to leave someone, life goes on. So, why not live in the moments today than fearing the pain? Why not loving today and not fearing what future holds for us?

    Pain heals but memories stay forever. Live with the ones you've always wanted to,before you settle (even if you don't have any future together) Because once you settle, there's no coming back.

    You've Got Just One Life To Live For. Make It Count ❤