• tiny_thoughts 24w

    Affecting affection

    Pausing at you
    Being stopped for a while
    Looking at you
    Feel the thrust through your smile
    Your eyes speak
    More things than you could hide
    If this words of sorrow can
    Let'em reach far and wide
    I don't defy dark
    When your truth I behold
    My warmth go reaching
    Your heart turning cold
    Its simple for you to define
    What it means if
    I draw a broader line
    You can't take it
    Maybe I know it well
    All the demons of grey
    In vaccum of your heart dwell
    Never make it
    The way you take it
    Or just tell me either
    Try hard or fake it
    Ain't a chapter or lesson of life yet
    If were,, it was sure to be left
    Go have it
    Tell me when you are done
    You can feed on me for a while
    And for a while I'll be the one.