• anjisnudas 10w

    Is it really what I felt?

    Is it really what I thought ?
    Or the time has changed? being a part of a modernist society I missed those cacophony
    Is it really what I meant to be?
    Being a part of a beautiful journey I lost all it's melody.
    I lost those letters, where she engraved all my past
    Is it really what I felt?
    Being a part of an accidental relationship?
    Asking about the reasons of her choice
    Comprehending the misdeeds we did.
    Is it true that real people won't let each other alone in any situation?
    But this modernized society has its own norms
    Thou good creature won't shut yourself down
    Society may not be able to understand the real meaning of democracy
    Thou can.
    --Anjisnu Das (M)