• gurdeep 11w

    Tried to write poem for the first time so ....feel free to correct

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    Dont mind the grammer thou its the first time im writing a poem

    Once i met a girl online
    At first she looked completely fine

    She had this winsome smile
    That if anyone sees get tossed up for while

    She gave me a dare
    At first i thought i didn't care

    She asked me to write. A poem
    I tried to write although some

    So for her something he wrote
    Like a innocent obedient goat

    May be she was a kido and immature
    But people could not resist them from thinking about her

    I would like to have some say
    Only if things can go on a right way

    Bas itna hi ho paya baki fir kbhi likhunga toh bhej dunga