• beneranda 5w

    These little fragments, the ones we try so hard to discard off all the time because they seem so small and tiny just like a minute speck of dust,
    will one day be the reason why we turned out to be the person that we are. They may seem so useless to the naked eye that often we dust them off as if they were nothing, but we tend to forget that they are as equally powerful as a strong gust of wind on a late midsummer night, and are made up especially for these particular junctures where they can show us what we are actually made of and how strong our hearts can actually be. So the next time you try to renounce them, think of all the pavements you've unearthed where beautiful flowers have not failed to grow on some of the most beautiful crevices both on the grounds and walls. The exact same thing can happen to your fragmented heart as well, if only you allow flowers to grow from it, instead of allowing yourself to grow bitter. Think of it, if as humans we appreciate the broken pieces of a kaleidoscopic mirror or a mosaic tile so much, how much more will our fragmented cracks do the same to others if we learn to start embracing them gracefully.