• mz_grinnage87 22w

    An Opportunity Passed Up

    It was a life changing deal
    The pay was sweet
    There was not a thing I saw foul
    Except for just one thing
    My ma
    And I'm not calling her foul
    I can't walk to the corner store by myself
    Let alone a movie deal
    But then it's the questions that would kill me
    Where'd you meet?
    How do you know each other?
    Ma, you want his blood type too?
    I know you're just being protective
    But now I just missed it
    A shot to change
    All the odds into my favor
    The pay was sweet sounding
    I could hear my tuition being
    Paid. In. Full.
    And the acting?
    Only forty-three lines
    I'm sure I could do it
    Just a little practice and patience and work
    That could set my whole life up from the dirt
    It was so good
    Almost too good to be true
    It was a life changing deal
    A grand opportunity passed up