• blood_red 23w

    The Green Light

    The green light I need it, I see it, I'm reaching. Can't grab it, so tragic. Can't own it, can't have it. I feel like I'm dying, I'm trying, I'm striving. But there's no more magic I feel so lymphatic. I sit and I listen but in this position there's so much I'm missing, I need her attention. I've waited and waited so long, man I hate it. I'm thinking she'll leave him, but he keeps her beneath him. That green light, that green light. That green light, I'm reaching. But hope turns to struggle, which turns into grieving. I sleep and I'm dreamin', one day she'll just leave him. He tells her he loves her. Why does she believe him? I wake up, I'm screaming. I jump to my feet and, her voice I just heard her. I knew it, I hurt her. Th at green light got further, and further, and further. I just want to hold her, the whole world I'll show her. That green light, it seems bright. Things aren't what it seems like. I can't seem to think right, or eat right or, sleep right. Those tulips, those daises they made me go crazy, but poses of roses might stop all the aching. I'm shaking, I'm breaking with each breath I'm taking. I'm smiling, but no one can tell that I'm faking. My name I'm a legend I wanted perfection, but when she's with me I just want her protection. Get down on one knee and I hope for a blessing. "Will you marry me?" Please just answer the question. That sweet symphony plays on, no interruptions. No more confusion and no more corruption. Just one last commitment and you'll make my day. What she said was the last thing that I heard her say. In one single moment that blue sky turned gray and that green light, that green light just faded away.